New Phones…

What is it about new stuff that reverts us back to the little kid days waiting for that big birthday gift… i digress

Well i got my phones today… i was suposed to actully get them yesterday, however, i missed the delivery man (doesn’t that SUCK!). Mainly because i wasn’t expecting the packages to be here already, less than 24 hours!!!

Charged my phones (Touch, and Centro… see previous post) and called in to get them activated on the account.

The first time i called i was on hold about 7 minutes.

I got a nice lady, she started to add my Touch to my line, and wouldn’t you know my phone (my girlfriends At&t cellphone) got disconnected…. ugh!

Called back and got a guy, i could tell from the jump he knew what he was doing. had both phones activated in no time flat… he commented on how great both phones (touch and especially the Centro) were… and then he noticed…

Again my Sero plan doesn’t kick in until Jan 1st (which i can’t wait for, i’ll get to that in a minute) but he noticed and said,

rep:”wow you got the Sero plans for both the lines… how did you swing that?”

I halfway explained it (about being told in the store about the plan and calling in)

rep:”yea, i know those are hard to get these days”

I asked him about the unlimited text messaging if it would still be available after december (i think he misunderstood me and thought i asked if “I” would have unlimited text messaging after december)

rep:”yea as long as it’s on your account then you will have unlimited text.”

So i didn’t push the issue –

the rep explained that my account would not let me add the internet package until the sero plan kicked in 😦 so no internet on either phone until Jan 1st… counting down the days….


3 Responses to New Phones…

  1. Nas says:

    hi anomoly, back again – with good news 🙂

    got my touch via ups and activated next day – problems.

    checked my sprint account, and plan details are just as described in howard forum wiki.

    curious though – unlimited texting is not listed, but when i asked both retentions and activation reps, both said it was included.

    does it say unlimted texting in your plan details or is just by word of mouth from reps?

    thanks again.

  2. Nas says:

    in the previous post the second line should read “got my touch via ups and activated next day – no problems.”

    hehe sorrry

  3. anomoly says:

    Glad to hear… I too have been very happy with my Touch (after a 3rd party keyboard app was added :))

    As far as the unlimited data and text… it doesn’t show on the first page… it should show under one of the other tabs… usage i believe.

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