We got a Wii….


That’s right… after much hunt and to-do… got two.

Two years ago i was working at one of the major shipping companies (i’ve had many jobs), there was a guy there that was telling me every rumor he could find about “the NEW” Nintendo console, originally dubbed the “revolution” and later officially named the Wii.

My co-worker told me about wireless controllers, with motion sensing technology… a built in 3d projector, that would not require 3d glasses, backward compatable with other Nintendo games, blah blah blah… well he wasn’t 100% correct… but he was partially correct.

One other thing that he predicted was correct… that this was going to be the hottest game console for some time… over a year and it’s still sold out in stores everywhere (much speculation on exactly why, maybe all blog about that some other time.)

Back to my story… I heard from a friend of a friend that toy’s R us and Circuit City were getting shipments.

after waking at 5:00 am and standing in line for 3 hours (we were 7th and 8th in line) the manager of Toy’s R Us came out and gave the first 20 people in line vouchers.

This was before they had fully unloaded the truck… come to find out they only had 12 consoles… i guess the saying that the early bird catches the worm holds true.

My advice to everyone looking for a Wii… be persistant, call as many places as you can go to stores, talk to managers and find out when shipments are coming… and if you have more tips feel free to leave comments.



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