Unlimited Text

January 14, 2008

So after a few calls to sprint… and some help from your neighborhood forum… unlimited texting has been extended until 2/16/08.

And it only took about 4 calls in and 3 emails to sprint customer service.  to finally get free unlimited text messaging included on my account.


Unlimited Text Messages… small limit

January 5, 2008

I could be wrong (and i hope that i am) but i just got off the phone with two Sprint retention reps who state that the Unlimited Text messaging that was included with the Sero plan https://anomoly.wordpress.com/2007/12/04/power-of-persistence-the-sero-journey/

is no more 😦

many thought that they would extend this wonderful promotion… the reps both stated that sprint decided not to continue it. If this is wrong please let me know.

I was able to get $8 unlimited text on both sero lines, and a $5 credit on each line for 12 months (i will have to call back in a year to get it fixed again)… but free is soooooo much better.

so basically if you have it… congrats… if you don’t, they might give you a discount if your nice… but don’t expect it to be free or included…

More Sero

January 5, 2008

So i guess i shouldn’t have expected to be converted from a regular Sprint family plan to a Sero plan without a hitch….

I was set to be switched automatically on the first of January (to avoid back charges) well happy new year came…

the plan did switch… but some things from the old plan stuck.

Unlimited text messaging, and phone insurance ….

Unlimited text messaging is included on the Sero however i was getting charged for it on both lines. And as far as insurance, i had my last phone for two years without a hitch, which means i wasted 98 bucks.

I called once and the guy said he took it off, but only gave me a one time credit.

Well i called retentions after checking and seeing that i’m still getting charged for unlimited text. After ONE RING The lady from sprint picked up seemed very nice and willing to help 🙂 . then her voice saddened as she explained that i’m still in the old billing system so she would have to transfer me –

15 min later another guy picks up (not as nice), and explains that they have taken away the included unlimited text messaging with SERO 😦 . however he proceeds to tell me that he CAN put $8 unlimited text messaging on both lines and add a reoccuring $5 credit to each line each month for 12 months (8-5 = $3 a month for unlimited text messaging)

I’m not happy about it but $6 a month (for two lines unlimited text) is better than $30.

it takes him a while but he finally gets it done.

I go online to check it out… it still doesn’t look right… and that equipment protection is STILL on both lines… i’m going to give it a day or two and then call back if it doesn’t go away.