Unlimited Text Messages… small limit

I could be wrong (and i hope that i am) but i just got off the phone with two Sprint retention reps who state that the Unlimited Text messaging that was included with the Sero plan https://anomoly.wordpress.com/2007/12/04/power-of-persistence-the-sero-journey/

is no more 😦

many thought that they would extend this wonderful promotion… the reps both stated that sprint decided not to continue it. If this is wrong please let me know.

I was able to get $8 unlimited text on both sero lines, and a $5 credit on each line for 12 months (i will have to call back in a year to get it fixed again)… but free is soooooo much better.

so basically if you have it… congrats… if you don’t, they might give you a discount if your nice… but don’t expect it to be free or included…


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