Touch my Buttons? (new ROM for Touch)

April 17, 2008

I know there aren’t that many buttons… but on my Sprint HTC Touch the green, red, camera buttons do not work (the other ones do… dpad, on off screen)

I’ve reset it to the manufacture default 3 times and the buttons work for a few minutes… and then it goes back. anyone have any other ideas?

also occassionally when i plug in or unplug my phone (from computer or charger) it resets (completly power off and back on).

other than these two issues im quite happy with the phone –

talked to the guys at HTC and this is what they told me:

Hello Anomoly,

Thank you for your inquiry

Anonmoly, I understand your concern with regards to the buttons issue that wasn’t resolved by doing the hard reset. Unfortunately it sounds like it could be a hardware issue and possibly a software issue, but that can only be verified through a rom update of the device. Currently there exists no rom update for the device just yet, I recommend you contact UTStarcom for troubleshooting and warranty information regarding your device.

UTStarcom 1-800-229-1235 Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST

so i asked … do you know WHEN a new ROM update will be out?

Hello Anomoly,

Thank you for your inquiry

Anomoly, We do not have a specific time on when the update will be released but it will most likely take 2-3 months to include Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade.

so i’ll try that number and see what they say… but at this point i think it might be something that only an update could fix (or a new phone) ….

my biggest problem was i couldn’t take pictures… but i figured out i can use the big key in the middle of the d-pad (action key?) to make calls, and take pictures.

the good thing is that i can still use the phone, it’s just annoying having to power the screen on in order to hang up a call. (adds about 3-5 seconds to the end of a call)