Polar… so cool

July 31, 2008

So as i stated before i’m going back and fourth between the bodybugg (version 3 soon to be out) and a Polar f11.

I would just go with bodybugg but something about paying that $14-$30 a month bothers me.  I contacted Polar to find out their take on the Bodybugg… here’s my questions and what they had to say:

1. do you have any products like the apex bodybugg?
2. do you have any watches that don’t require a chest band?
2b. do the f series require a chest band? for heart monitor


Dear Anomoly,

Thank you for your email.

We are not familiar with the Apex Bodybugg product.

All Polar monitors require a chest transmitter for continuos heart rate
monitoring.  The only product that is sold through Amazon.com that does not
require a chest strap is the A4. With the A4 you can press two fingers
against a button to get a quick pulse reading.  However in order to record
calories or heart rate you will need a transmitter.

I find it interesting that they are “not familar with the bodybugg”. Either way it looks like i’m still on the hunt – off to the gym!


BodyBugg Update

July 31, 2008

So after my short run in with the nice people at Bodybugg… i thought i would ask a few more questions (maybe find out if they are ever going to offer a desktop version… here’s my questions… and the answers follow:

so does this mean that the bodybugg will always be subscription based. and that you can’t just download a program to upload info to the computer? any idea what the version 3 is going to cost? will it have the digital display included?


The bodybugg program is and will always be subscription based…..
There will never be a program you can upload the info to your computer….
We don’t have a price for the Version 3 armband but it should be similar to the current Version 2 armband….

The digital display is a separate unit and will not be included in the Version 3 armband…

So i guess that just about clears it up. I’ve been going back and fourth with this and a Polar f11, i will wait for version 3 and make a choice then… comments and questions are welcomed… my talks with Polar to follow….


July 31, 2008

I haven’t seen a lot of guys with the BodyBugg (www.bodybugg.com), but it looks interesting. I had a few questions about it so i decided to write them about it.

The whole thing is a little confusing to me:

It’s made by Sensewear http://www.sensewear.com

Promoted as Apex http://www.apexfitness.com

And pushed by 24HourFitness http://www.24hourfitness.com

I even found some copycats:

http://www.biotrainerusa.com – just the accelerometer

www.actitrainer.com – from what i could find, the accelerometer, and you can use a polar chest strap for heart rate.

Anyway, back to what i was talking about, i wrote Bodybugg and here were my questions:

  1. Will you offer a desktop solution rather than the website as i am not always able to be connected to the internet.
  2. the watch seems like it might help with this… if i’m not able to connect to the internet will i still be able to use the band and the watch to monitor calories for the day?
  3. will bodybugg be coming out with a new version soon (like just a watch) the bugg is a little bulky on the arm all day.
  4. will bodybugg get one that includes a heart monitor?

And their answer:

Thank you for contacting us.

The program is a subscription-based program, and you need to have internet access on a Windows based operating system using Internet Explorer as your browser.

In order to use the bodybugg program, your subscription must be current.

The following link addresses how the program is subscription based;


The armband has approximately 14 days of data collection memory.


As a consequence, without having an active subscription to “upload” the information from the armband….the armband will fill up with 14 days of data collection in its memory, and no longer be able to provide additional information, which the “digital display” would be able to retrieve.

So….in essence, you will need to have an active subscription to be able to upload the armband, so that the armband will continue to be able to acquire information to transmit to the “digital display” without the limitation of memory.

With regards to your question about a newer version of the armband….

The Version 3 armband, will be waterproof and be smaller (more sleek and less bulky).  The waterproof basis would only benefit the armband from intrusion of water into the unit…..however, the unit will still be unable to measure calories burned while in the water, since the skin contact and sensors will not be able to provide/obtain sufficient and accurate data which are used presently to measure calories burned.  The proposed availability of the waterproof version is proposed to be available late 2008.

Due to the placement of the armband on the back of the upper arm…..usually sites ideally suited to obtain heart rates are on the chest or wrist…..we are not aware if the back of the arm is suitable to obtain heart rate, and consequently it is highly unlikely that heart rate will be a feature of the bodybugg.  We are aware of this request and have shared this with the designers and developers of the bodybugg program.

The thing that is bothering me the MOST about the bodybugg… is the whole subscription website thing. i understand, expensive technology… someone has to pay for it (i’m fine with paying the up front cost.  There is no reason other than GREED that they only have a  website version to “download the data” – the hardware only works with a Windows PC so the whole “universal” idea of the web is null here. There isnt anything that would really require it to be web only vs a desktop version. I just think they should allow BOTH web version for everything “food tracker, calorie expendature and intake” and a desktop version that will DL the data and free up that precious “memory”.

In the analogy it’s “give” the razor away and sell the razor blades.

Not only do they seem to be selling the “razor” at a high price but then they get you having to buy the razor blades too.

I put $600 down on a 24 hour fitness 3 year pass

$600/3 years = $200/12 months = $16 after that its just $45 a year = $3.75 a month… this is for all the sport and active 24Hours in the nation….

Compare that to

Bodybugg: $199-$350 and the digital display $99 and the subscription $14.95-$99.95

just seems expensive is all i’m trying to say. And i know what your thinking if you dont want to spend the money… don’t spend the money… you’re right.

So after this i decided i would check out Polar since they have been around for a while… more on that in a future post.

Total Gym

July 21, 2008

It’s been around for a while, a lot of people dismiss it, however it’s a great “total gym” with it’s own negatives and positives.

total gym

total gym

i got one about six months ago… here’s my short review:


  • Great workout from home
  • Easy to get started
  • Fun to use
  • Easy to change between exercises
  • Great amount of exercises
  • Solid (i’m 6’7 260 and it holds me)
  • CAN fold away
  • Comes assembled for the most part
  • Use your own body weight, works for everybody (hard enough for body builders, easy enough for beginners
  • Great for upper body and core exercises
  • Can get a good resistance work-out in under 20 min


  • Heavy
  • Most-likely will stay set-up once you get it out because it’s not fun or easy to move around
  • Not a lot of options for lower body
  • you actually have to use it to see results… lol

Overall if you can find a new one at a good price, you have the room and actually use it, you will see results.

8.0 out of 10

Dark Knight

July 21, 2008

So i was going to wait until next weekend, but after checking out the Yahoo reviews and seeing that critics gave it an A- and users an A… i had to atleast try and see it.



So i found myself at 9:00 am in the theater waiting to see Batman the dark knight.

I thought that the first one with Christian Bale was awesome… This one was way better. The acting was great, the plot was great, overall it was a good combo of plot to action.

To be honest when i heard about Heath as the joker about a year and a half ago i had my doubts.  And then when he got killed i knew it was going to be deep.



Heath did not dissapoint.

It was a little long but it was filled with content, wasn’t full of fluff.


The Dark Knight

Bottom line if you liked the first one in this series then you’ll love the next one… the Dark Knight.

Dark knight

Dark knight

Overall 9.5

Wii Fit

July 21, 2008

So i got the WII Fit a few weeks ago, just like the WII when it came out, i think they are still pretty hard to find.  I got mine from a nice guy on ebay.



So what do i think about the WII fit?

It’s fun… think Wii sports, with more games and a little more difficulty. In the same way that Wii sports is a lot of fun when you have a lot of people and/or the first few weeks you have it, the Fit is the same way.

is it worth the extra money… if your going to use it, yes.

Will it help you loose weight… it could:

if your a hardcore gym rat, no.

If your a weekend warrior, yes.

I really see the possibilities for what this board COULD be used for… time will tell.



  • Solid – the board is solid (i’m 6’7 athletic 260 lb) this thing holds me and responds great
  • Easy set-up – if you can connect the wii-mote you can connect the wii fit
  • It’s fun – you don’t really realize that your burning calories
  • Choices – you can play just games, or just yoga, strength, areobics or you can do it all. Several to choose in each catagory.


  • Multiplayer – for the most part it’s not very multiplayer friendly. For the most part it’s one player and if someone else wants to play you have to restart the game.  What also is bad is that you have to “unlock” games for each player that plays.
  • Games – Right now the Wii board only has the Wii fit which has a lot of games within however, i can see it being used for many other games…

Overall because of the non-friendly multiplayer aspect it’s lost points with me-



if you have any experience with the WII Fit – leave a comment

7.5 out of 10

Touch ROM update?

July 21, 2008

I think it’s time for an update on what’s going on with  my phone, but first i would like to share the news that i heard that the long awaited official ROM update should be here TOMORROW!!

The ROM update is said to have:

  • Sprint’s EV-DO Rev.A
  • enhanced GPS functions
  • Opera browser
  • full on-screen QWERTY keyboard

We’ll see what happens tomorrow!