Dark Knight

So i was going to wait until next weekend, but after checking out the Yahoo reviews and seeing that critics gave it an A- and users an A… i had to atleast try and see it.



So i found myself at 9:00 am in the theater waiting to see Batman the dark knight.

I thought that the first one with Christian Bale was awesome… This one was way better. The acting was great, the plot was great, overall it was a good combo of plot to action.

To be honest when i heard about Heath as the joker about a year and a half ago i had my doubts.  And then when he got killed i knew it was going to be deep.



Heath did not dissapoint.

It was a little long but it was filled with content, wasn’t full of fluff.


The Dark Knight

Bottom line if you liked the first one in this series then you’ll love the next one… the Dark Knight.

Dark knight

Dark knight

Overall 9.5


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