Wii Fit

So i got the WII Fit a few weeks ago, just like the WII when it came out, i think they are still pretty hard to find.  I got mine from a nice guy on ebay.



So what do i think about the WII fit?

It’s fun… think Wii sports, with more games and a little more difficulty. In the same way that Wii sports is a lot of fun when you have a lot of people and/or the first few weeks you have it, the Fit is the same way.

is it worth the extra money… if your going to use it, yes.

Will it help you loose weight… it could:

if your a hardcore gym rat, no.

If your a weekend warrior, yes.

I really see the possibilities for what this board COULD be used for… time will tell.



  • Solid – the board is solid (i’m 6’7 athletic 260 lb) this thing holds me and responds great
  • Easy set-up – if you can connect the wii-mote you can connect the wii fit
  • It’s fun – you don’t really realize that your burning calories
  • Choices – you can play just games, or just yoga, strength, areobics or you can do it all. Several to choose in each catagory.


  • Multiplayer – for the most part it’s not very multiplayer friendly. For the most part it’s one player and if someone else wants to play you have to restart the game.  What also is bad is that you have to “unlock” games for each player that plays.
  • Games – Right now the Wii board only has the Wii fit which has a lot of games within however, i can see it being used for many other games…

Overall because of the non-friendly multiplayer aspect it’s lost points with me-



if you have any experience with the WII Fit – leave a comment

7.5 out of 10


One Response to Wii Fit

  1. WiiBBG says:

    Keep an eye on the games list at http://www.wiibalanceboardgames.com – there are currently 14 balance board compatible games listed for release over the coming months and more will follow.

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