BodyBugg Update

So after my short run in with the nice people at Bodybugg… i thought i would ask a few more questions (maybe find out if they are ever going to offer a desktop version… here’s my questions… and the answers follow:

so does this mean that the bodybugg will always be subscription based. and that you can’t just download a program to upload info to the computer? any idea what the version 3 is going to cost? will it have the digital display included?


The bodybugg program is and will always be subscription based…..
There will never be a program you can upload the info to your computer….
We don’t have a price for the Version 3 armband but it should be similar to the current Version 2 armband….

The digital display is a separate unit and will not be included in the Version 3 armband…

So i guess that just about clears it up. I’ve been going back and fourth with this and a Polar f11, i will wait for version 3 and make a choice then… comments and questions are welcomed… my talks with Polar to follow….


2 Responses to BodyBugg Update

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve read quite a bit about Bodybugg – some good, some not so good. Looking for something that will help keep me focused on what I’m eating and calories burned. Found some information about MYTRAK M2 mobile device but can’t find any comments about it. Do you know anything about it or can you recommend other products.

    • anomoly says:

      Phil –
      First thanks for checking out the blog. I did some quick research on the Mytrak and found a lot of dead ends like you, seems like the company is just starting to get it’s legs when it comes to the “all day” monitoring. Here is an interesting article i found on the company: .

      As far as other products for your goals, there are a few different options: Bodybugg, gowearfit, gruve, sportbrain, Sensewear, KAM Coach Activity Monitor, ActiTrainer, BioTrainer.

      The first three (in bold) are expensive and require a subscription.

      If you can wait a few weeks a company called FITBIT is about to release their new product (which includes a website for food diary and activity monitoring) and requires NO SUBSCRIPTION!! looks very promising.

      If your looking for a “right now” and cheaper solution i would check out these two food diary websites: SparkPeople and Thedailyplate. Both of these are free and have good data bases for food log.

      As far as the activity monitoring, check out the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer it’s got dual accelorometers (make it more acurate) and it’s pretty slim (minus the fat clip! but that can be removed) it also can plug into the computer to upload the data, it’s fairly cheap in price and NO SUBSCRIPTION! lol…

      I will be doing a more in-depth about some of these products soon, i have the Bodybugg, the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer, and will soon have the FitBit.

      If you have more questions feel free to ask!

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