Polar… so cool

So as i stated before i’m going back and fourth between the bodybugg (version 3 soon to be out) and a Polar f11.

I would just go with bodybugg but something about paying that $14-$30 a month bothers me.  I contacted Polar to find out their take on the Bodybugg… here’s my questions and what they had to say:

1. do you have any products like the apex bodybugg?
2. do you have any watches that don’t require a chest band?
2b. do the f series require a chest band? for heart monitor


Dear Anomoly,

Thank you for your email.

We are not familiar with the Apex Bodybugg product.

All Polar monitors require a chest transmitter for continuos heart rate
monitoring.  The only product that is sold through Amazon.com that does not
require a chest strap is the A4. With the A4 you can press two fingers
against a button to get a quick pulse reading.  However in order to record
calories or heart rate you will need a transmitter.

I find it interesting that they are “not familar with the bodybugg”. Either way it looks like i’m still on the hunt – off to the gym!


One Response to Polar… so cool

  1. serialtrainer says:

    I think the bodybugg program is worth the 13 bucks a month to be honest. You get a workout program, meal plan and access to the best fitness apparatus around. As a trainer and as someone who’s using it for personal reasons (and I no longer work for 24 Hour Fitness nor do I work for Apex) I have recommended it to 4 people. Everyone that’s used it has gotten great results ..20lb weight loss or more. Now they use it to maintain. It is possible to do it without the bodybugg, but if you’re serious about your training, why not take the guesswork out? As a trainer, I got to see Neal Spruce showing us what the bodybugg was all about. Knowing that it was originally intended to be a medical device used on coma patients in hospitals, with medical grade materials made me take serious interest in it. I bought it when it was -really- expensive and I don’t regret it. Go to 24Hourfitness.com if you’re a member there and there’s usually some great sales on it 🙂

    Happy Buggin!

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