Polar pt2

So if you haven’t read (previous post) i’ve been going back and forth between BodyBugg and Polar HRM – after polar’s most recent email back… i think i know which one i’m going with:

Here’s my email:

If i was looking for the best device to track my Total Calorie Expenditure
for the entire day (day or night, awake or asleep, working out or resting)
which device would i want?

And Polar’s Reply:

Dear Anomoly,

Thank you for your email.

It is well known that the heart rate tends to overestimate daily energy
expenditure. This is because in everyday life heart rate can be elevated
due to other reasons than physical activity (changes in posture, emotional
factors, mental stress, heavy exercise before). On the other hand, heart
rate is practically never lower than the metabolic cost requires.
Subsequently, energy expenditure estimates tend to be too high in
measurements done over extended periods.

Polar heart rate based caloric equation has been shown to be very accurate
during physical activity (heart rate over 100 bpm). The accuracy is not as
good at low heart rates. Even below 100 bpm it is in the right level if
elevations in heart rate due to other factors than physical activity can be

So in short they confirmed what most had speculated… Heart Rate Monitor’s are decent for Exercise, not great when it comes to everyday calorie expendeture.

So that answers my question, now i just have to find out with the Bodybugg V3 is hitting the market….


6 Responses to Polar pt2

  1. serialtrainer says:

    I know you were doing the research on the bodybugg and were thinking of getting v3. I posted some screen shots of what I get to look at with my own bodybugg and the results if you’re interested šŸ™‚

  2. Sharon says:

    I’ve read a few of your posts and not really sure why you are waiting. I got the Bodybugg a month ago and I also have a Polar F11. I wear both for doing cardio. Bodybugg shows around half the caloric expenditure the Polar does. My resting heart rate is very low – 57 – and I have an active background. I feel more confident with the Bugg numbers than the Polar. But I do like to see the Polar to measure my percentage fat burned. I also wear the Polar swimming.

    Seriously, both expenses were WELL worth the $. Like serialtrainer has mentioned, when you compare it to other things you spend money on – it is defnitely worth it.

  3. Serge says:

    Hey, Anomoly, have you bought a body bugg? How do you like it? I’m thinking about buying one, interested in reading reviews by real people.

  4. anomoly says:

    Hey Serge:
    I actually have heard nothing but good things about the body bugg. the main complaint is

    1. the size (it’s actually not that big, but under tight clothing it would be noticeable).
    2. the price (not just for the Bugg but also subscribing to the website if you want it to work)
    3. Putting in the work

    I haven’t bought a body bugg yet… mainly because of three things….

    1. The new Version 3 should be hitting right before Christmas

    2. This means the new better version for the same price, or the older version for a cheaper price šŸ™‚

    3. There’s a new product called the FitBit… i’m going to have a short blog about it coming up.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. Serge says:

    I’d love to read your blog about FitBit.
    I’ve googled the official website adress http://www.fitbit.com but it was down (unavailable) at the time.
    I also found this link:


    It’s got a video of FitBit presentation. It lookes like it’s just a pedometer with built-in accelerometer. I wonder if it will have the same weakness that pedometers have – counting false steps when going in the car on a bumpy road.

    I also read your letter to bodybugg about future possibility of heart rate sensor being built-in and their response that they don’t know if a back of an arm (where you wear bodybugg) is a good spot for heart rate reading.

    They have a premium package that includes bodybugg and a wrist display that acquires and shows the data from the bodybugg.

    To my understanding they could implement the heart rate sensor in this wrist display. It’s a perfect spot for heart rate reading. With a heart rate data their device would be much more precise.

    And yeah, the subscription thing is a deal spoiler for me too.

    I guess I’ll wait and see what they have to offer in the version 3.

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