As many of you already know i’ve been back and forth with a calorie burning monitor.  The latest two have been Polar or Bodybugg. Well a new monitor is set to hit the scene very soon. It is called the FitBit and it looks promising.

From the website:

You can wear the Fitbit Tracker loosely in your pocket, clipped to your pants, shirt, bra or to your wrist when you are sleeping. You can wear it all day!

The Fitbit Tracker is wireless. Walk within 25-50ft of the provided basestation and your data will be automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website. The auto-sync software runs on both Macs and PC’s.

View calories, steps and distance on the Fitbit Tracker itself. You can login to the Fitbit website to see even more detailed data and also participate in collaborative fitness goals with friends, family and co-workers.

FitBit 1Fitbit 2

So what makes it promising?

  • size- it’s very small, and with a built in clip (think almost like the new ipod shuffle) you could be wearing it, and no one would even know.
  • price – $99 puts it cheaper than the others and (atleast for the first few months) NO SUBSCRIPTION fee to use the website!!! this means your not paying $250 and then another $12-20 bucks a month.
  • wireless – dont have to worry about plugging it in

So what are it’s drawbacks?

  • the main on is it only uses an accelerometer to track your movements… this means it won’t always be as accurate in your calories burned.
  • No heart rate – again because it only uses the accelerometer you don’t get your heart rate during exercise.
  • Extra fees – they aren’t clear if the no subscription is forever or only for a few months or years.
  • New company – no track record.

I will let you know when i have more information on this product, it looks as though they are trying to get them out about December/January which is when the V3 bodybugg is to be released… interesting.


7 Responses to FitBit

  1. Dan Van says:

    I understand the cost of the Bodybugg and am willing to put up the cash but I need i to work witha mac opperating system. This is a copy of my e-mail chats with Bodybugg so far.

    “Do you really not have a mac program? I would buy 3 for Christmas but they have to work on a mac opperating system. How long till the Body Bugg comes fit for a mac? Thanks Dan”

    “Hi Dan, Thank you for contacting Apex. The bodybugg program is now compatible with Mac. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you, Teresa”

    “Teresa, Great news! Will any bodybugg work with a mac or do I need to buy a certain one. I checked your web site and there is only one style offered and it notes that it does not work with a mac operating system. Thanks for your help Dan”

    I have yet to get a e-mail back but when I do I will post it.

  2. anomoly says:

    Dan thanx for the comment, you might also be intersted to know if you have a more recent mac (that uses the intel processor) then you can also run windows on it (via VMware, bootcamp, or even a dual boot system)

    Let me know how that email response goes.

    I have found out some new info i will be posting on soon, just waiting for my email response 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    My husband just found your blog and I thank you for sharing all of your research. I have been reviewing anything I can find about the bodybugg and sensewear for the past couple of months (and waiting for v3 to be released).
    Have you reviewed Sensewear? The information that I have gathered is the price is higher but includes tracking sleep patterns and a smaller device size. Also, Bodymedia just came out with GoWearFit (it seems like a commercial version of sensewear). Both devices can be found at
    If you have the time and patience (I seem to be losing my mind trying to figure out the best one), let me know your thoughts.
    Either way, thank you for your time!

  4. Dan Van says:

    I talked on the phone today with the bodybugg people and was told that they do have a program that will allow the product to work on any mac opperating system. Looks like I am in for the monthly fees.

  5. anomoly says:

    Laura – I’m happy that i have been somewhat of a help 🙂 Thank you for the input on Sensewear – I haven’t checked out their site in months and it looks like they have slipped one past me! I’m going to do some more research on it, sensewear is the company behind bodybugg… they just retagged it for Apex (and 24 hour fitness) given the description the new Sensewear gowearfit and bodybugg V3 is one in the same.

    I’ll try and find out more info and will be posting my thoughts soon.

    Dan Van – that’s great news… i would hold off though for either V3 or check out the Sensewear version (gowearfit) … the bodybugg V3 should be out before the end of this month and if anything you will be able to pick up the bodybugg V2 for cheap –

    Stay tuned

  6. Wizzytoe McCullough says:

    DOES Fitbit work with non-Intel Macintosh users???

    • anomoly says:

      Here’s what they had to say about the question

      How do I get data from the Fitbit to the website?
      The Fitbit is wireless and ships with its own base station. In order for the wireless functionality to work you will need to install a tiny piece of syncing software. This software will run on Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista.

      So the short answer is yes.

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