8 Responses to Bodybugg V3 … it’s here

  1. Billy K says:

    If you need any information or opinion on the V3 or the GoWear Fit please just let me know. I too have been keeping up with the newest “minis” as the companies call them. My dad purchased the GoWear because he was needing the Sleep monitoring options of the software. I just purchased the Bugg V3 for my wife. I had planned on posting a comparison, but it looks like you have a great one already started.

  2. kay andrews says:

    I prefer the bodybugg due to the coaching sessions you receive. The unit itself is similar to gowearfit, but, the personal accountability and motivation you receive from their personal service makes the difference. I was able to speak to a phone coach that gave me personal guidance and kept me accountable to my own goals. I was very thrilled knowing I can call someone for help when I need to. My coach answered all my questions and showed me lots of details about the website I didn’t know existed. The additional coaching is available if you want weekly or monthly accountability to another person. Even though both units are similar, I feel the biggest difference is the coaching.

  3. Peggy S says:

    Hi, I own a bodybugg and need to replace the strap. I noticed that GoWear fit carries a size small arm band, but I was wondering if you know if the bodybugg will fit in the Go Wear Fit strap?

    • anomoly says:

      if your talking about the bodybugg v3 and the latest gowearfit strap… then yes it should fit fine (they are made by the same company and are the same products, just rebranded.

  4. Robbie says:

    I would love to hear more from you on this subject – thanks! Peace.

  5. playfit says:

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  6. BQ says:

    Beware, I bought two of these, neither of which worked, neither of which the company will stand behind. It is a huge rip-off. Tech support denied me a replacement or upgrade because I hadn’t logged in to the program even though my previous calls to tech support were to ask for help in getting the product to work. Catch-22: Product defective –> Can’t use or login –> Can’t get replacement because not logging in. Go figure.

  7. Gobbles23 says:

    What about the Gowear fit? Will a bodybugg armband strap fit one of those?

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