This is Anomoly’s thoughts.  Just a guy interested in fitness, music, movies, and electronics – i often find myself scouring the internet to try and find real people and real thoughts before i buy things… i will often post the results here, if i buy or if i don’t.

If i’m wrong, or you have comments feel free to leave them 🙂

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2 Responses to About

  1. Heidi Smith says:

    We just introduced a product that we’d like for you to test and review. The DeskMate by Compactix is our first product to help you exercise while you’re at work – without leaving your desk!

    The DeskMate stimulates your body by flexing your arms, back, shoulders, chest and wrists. The device attaches easily to your desk, and the length can be adjusted to accommodate varying resistance levels and desk sizes. This small exercise device helps users burn calories, flex muscles and relieve stress. Plus, it isn’t disruptive to the rest of the office, and it’s fun to use! The simple exercises can even be performed while on the phone or reading. The DeskMate does not replace a gym workout or aerobic activity; it’s designed to activate an otherwise sedentary workday.

    Shall we send a sample to you? You can reach me at heidi@compactix.com or 941.504.2803. Here’s a link to the news about DeskMate: http://bit.ly/bCzDUb To go directly to our website and see images of the DeskMate: http://compactix.com.

    Thank you for considering this invitation.

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